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Hortatory Exposition Text
Dalam bahasa Indonesia, hortatory exposition text adalah teks eksposisi peneguran

Hortatory exposition is a text which represent the attempt of the writer to have the addressee do something or act in certain way. ( Hortatory Exposition adalah sebuah teks yang menghadirkan kembali percobaan penulis untuk penerima melakukan sesuatu hal atau tingkah laku dalam cara tertentu. )

A. Social function : to persuade the reader or listener that
something should or should not be the case ( Fungsi Sosial : untuk mengajak pembaca atau pendengar bahwa sesuatu hal seharusnya atau tak seharusnya diperkarakan )

B. Generic Structure of Hortatory Exposition ( Struktur Umum dari Hortatory Exposition )
^ Thesis : announcement of issue concern ( Tesis : Pengumuman masalah kepedulian )
^ Argument : reasons for concern, leading to
recommendation ( Argumen : Penyebabuntuk masalah, yang mengarah ke rekomendasi )
^ Recommendation : statement of what ought to or
ought not to happen ( Rekomendasi : pernyataan dari yang seharusnya atau tak seharusnya terjadi )

C. Language Feature of Hortatory Exposition ( Ciri Bahasa dari Hortatory Exposition )
^ Focusing on the writer ( Berpusat pada penulis )
^ Using abstract noun; policy, advantage, etc ( Menggunakan kata benda abstrak, kata bijak, keuntungan dan lain - lain )
^ Using action verb ( Menggunakan kata kerja tingkah laku )
^ Using thinking verb ( Menggunakan kata kerja pemikiran )
^ Using modal adverb; certainly, surely, etc ( Menggunakan kata keterangan modal )
^ Using temporal connective; firstly, secondly, etc ( Menggunakan kata hubung sementara, pertama, kedua dan lain - lain )
^ Using evaluative words; important, valuable, trustworthy, etc ( Menggunakan kata - kata evaluatif : penting, berarti, terpecaya dan lain - lain )
^ Using passive voice ( Menggunakan kalimat pasif )
^ Using simple present tense ( Menggunakan simple present tense )


Let’s Make City Clean and Fresh

A clean and fresh city will surely make the inhabitants healthy. Every morning especially in dry season, all roads must be watered with clean water and swept by the workers of the regional government under the Major’s instruction.
To keep the people from heavy pollution caused by cars, trucks and motorcycles, enough trees must be planted along all roads. Every building or house in the city must be surrounded short and small trees which bear colorful flower.
Bad and improper habits which cause disadvantages, bad smell and dangerous diseases to people such as smoking and throwing rubbish anywhere should be stopped at once.
The major of each city will have to think over the way how to educate people, so that they realize on how important cleanliness and health are for their own sake. Building more public lavatories at every busy place is very badly needed.
It will be wise if the Major decides a certain amount of fine to be paid by those who disobey the government regulation on cleanliness matter. A man who urinate not at lavatory, smoke not at smoking room or throw rubbish at the roads should be fined for instance. Besides dirtying the environment with cigarettes’ butts, smoking will also cause pollution and lungs disease to other people.
So bad habits and impolite attitude should be immediately stopped, otherwise the city will be dirty, unhealthy badly polluted and will never attract foreign or domestic tourist

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